As much a delight to receive as it is to present.


Sometimes flowers can speak, not necessarily louder, but, more poignantly than words. Indeed, floriography, the language of flowers, can be a powerful method of communication.

Generally two days’ notice will be needed for a bespoke and luxury bouquet to be made. This ensures the freshest of flowers are used and also allows you a degree of flexibility and choice in relation to the featured flowers.

Bouquet’s start from £35.00. The price of a bouquet will be indicative of the size (the number of flowers) and also the flowers used. I offer free local delivery within a 3-mile radius of Stowmarket, Suffolk. For further afield deliveries please send me an email containing the delivery address so I can let you know the cost of delivery.


A Red Lavender bouquet includes the most beautiful, seasonal flowers.  The images below are examples of bouquets I have made for customers at different times of the year. I do not offer set designs, but work with floral seasonality. I always ask if you have any particular requests with regards to colours and specific flowers (including what you may not want to be included), otherwise I ask that you trust me to put together a unique and special bouquet on your behalf.