Bundles of Blooms

Flowers are always a good idea!


A little less formal (but no less beautiful) than a bouquet, bundles are the perfect option as an unexpected gift, an act of kindness, letting someone know you're thinking of them or, for bringing some floral cheer into your own home. 

Bundles of seasonal flowers come wrapped but with their stems exposed and not in water. This means the recipient will need to transfer to a vase/vessel of water soon after receipt of them. 

Generally, two days’ notice is needed although, most weekends bundles are available without the need for preordering.  

Bundles start from £15.00 and increase in multiples of £5.00. The price of a bundle is indicative of the size (the number of flowers) and also the flowers used. The flowers can be a mixed offering of seasonal blooms or, a single variety, please let me know your preference. I offer free local delivery within a 3-mile radius of Stowmarket, Suffolk. For further afield deliveries please send me an email containing the delivery address so I can let you know the cost of delivery.